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  • November 17th, 2009

    The things people do to pass drug tests

    People do some crazy thing to pass a drug test, whether these options are safe or not. No one cares as long as they pass their test. A question I get asked a lot is about Niacin. I always explain that it may help or it may not. Who knows??

    One situation I remember:

    A customer calls me asking if I think he will pass a urine test with Niacin.
    I explain to him that Niacin is made for your blood and I would not recommend taking it without a doctor’s approval. The customer asks about our products, said he was a heavy user of THC. I suggested some of our products, told him my name and told him to ask for me when he calls back.

    Four days later we get a phone call:
    “Hi, can I speak to ****.”

    “This is her, how can I help you?”

    “Well, I took the Niacin pills, now I look like a tomato!!! OMG!!! My skin turned red and spotted at first and now its getting worse and worse. What am I supposed to do? I have a test in one hour. They cannot see me like this. Am I having an allergic reaction??? Help me!!!”

    I told him to calm down and that he was not having an allergic reaction.

    “Sir, you are having a Niacin flush. It happens to some people when they take these pills. No matter how many pills you take your skin can turn red, itchy and get blotches. I’m assuming you took a large amount if you look like a tomato. There is nothing wrong with you, so stop worrying.”

    “Really? Ok… I hope it will go away. Then… I will reschedule my test for tomorrow. And I think… I need some of your products.”

    So, now his test was tomorrow. He took my advice for the products I recommended and paid for overnight shipping.

    A week later, I get another phone call from him.

    “Hey, Thanks a lot for your help! You did an awesome job and I passed my test! My experience taught me well!”

    Good experience for everybody. Now, when someone calls and asks about Niacin, we briefly tell them this story. Sometimes they listen… Sometimes they don’t.

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