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  • January 14th, 2010

    Time over Quantity.

    Last week I received a call from a very worried customer – he had purchased two complete cleansing kits a week before that, started taking them and was running out of time because his test got moved to a closer date. As a frequent marijuana smoker he needed at least fourteen days to cleanse his body in preparation to the test.

    “I’ve finished the first kit and I have half of the second one left, but my test day changed and I don’t have time to finish it all. Can I double up on the pills? Can I take more than directed?”

    “You don’t need to take more than directed, time is the important factor, not the amount of pills.”

    “But can I… but if I don’t have much time and I gotta finish them all… can I just try and take the rest in the couple days? Like, double up on them maybe?”

    “No, sir, if you take too many pills a day, it might make you sick. Try to reschedule your test and get a couple more days to take the product.”

    “I don’t mind getting sick, and I absolutely cannot reschedule… eghhh, I’m just going to take more pills a day… can I?”

    “Sir, listen to my advice: do not take more than directed. These capsules are very concentrated and doubling up on them will not bring you any better results. Just keep on drinking a lot of fluids and keep on exercising. Since the toxins are stored in the fat cells, it is important to stay active while cleansing your body and keep yourself well hydrated. Increasing amount of pills won’t be as good as prolonging the cleansing period. Since you’ve already finished the first kit, your toxins are already minimized, so all you need is a little extra time.”

    Finally, he gave in:

    “Oh, well… Ok, I still have a couple days before the test, so I’ll just follow the daily regimen.”

    A week later he called us back, and was happy to inform that he passed the test successfully without getting sick from doubling up on the pills.

    In the cleansing process it is not how much of the product you take that’s important, but how long you take it for in addition to staying clean.

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