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  • February 15th, 2011

    What’s In My Hair?! Part 5 Ceramide 3

    Ceramide 3 is a synthetic chemical formulated to mimic the Ceramides found within skin. The human body produces Ceramides to act as an effective barrier for sensitive and dry skin. Ceramide 3 is a human skin-identical Ceramide which helps repair and protect skin prone to sensitivity or dryness. Because of these qualities, Ceramide 3 is extremely suitable to be used as a long term protectorate to repair extremely sensitive or dry skin.

    Ceramides are a kind of lipid found in the skin, which the epidermis actually requires in order to hold on to water, and function correctly. Many medications and toxins can lower the natural level of Ceramides in the skin, leading to dry, itchy skin, which will respond to normal lotions and creams less effectively.

    Ceramide 3 being a synthetic produced to duplicate human skin, has the same chemical configuration as the Ceramides you would naturally find occurring in your own epidermis. This is essential to the Ceramide 3 being a good performing chemical in each product it is introduced to. If it did not have the same chemical make-up of the Ceramides that naturally occur in your skin, then your skin wouldn’t be able to reap any of the benefits.

    In hair care Ceramide 3 has been shown to help repair and protect any damaged hairs. Because of the toxins being introduced into your hair through drug-use you are damaging the hair itself. Ceramide 3 helps to repair that damage so that when being looked at by a lab, there is even less toxin damage than there naturally would have been.

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