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  • October 7th, 2010

    Hair Drug Test For Cocaine

    Hair drug test for cocaine

    Cocaine can get extremely addicitve, and it depends on you as to how you wouldl ike to stop consuming cocaine at an alarming rate. You would be the best judge of yourself. Therefore, if you seriously find that you are unable to come out of your addiction towards cocaine, then it is high time that you seek some serious professional help so that you are able to come out of it as soon as possible. Cocaine is one of the drugs whose presence is tested in your system during a drug test. Per the terms and conditions of many employers, they are at their own discretion to not employ a person if they show traits of cocaine in their system during the drug test. It is also of primary importance, that those in certain specific civil services, such as the army, need to pass this drug test for cocaine at one go. If they do that, only then would they be allowed to work. Also, if a person is got caught cheating in any of these drug tests, the consequences would be severe then. The military force reserves the right to end the serivces of an individual, if they are caught doing drugs during their tenure in the army. having said this, the best way to clear the drug test is by not doing drugs at all. However, since that is not an option now, let us look into the ways by which you could possibly come out successfully from a cocaine test.

    To find traces of cocaine in your system, your hair is generally tested. To begin with, please know that traces of cocaine remains in your hair once you strat taking cocaine, and the traces reamin very much with you, till you shave off your head. Going in for fake shampoos is actually not a very good idea, as nothing can stop your normal hair growth. So, getting fake shampoos would not help much in this case, as your hair growth is bound to happen naturally, and no fake product can do anything about it. Also, hair is generally taken from the back of your head for testing purposes, but it might so happen at times that hair is taken from your hand. In such cases, fake shampoos cannot do anything much. However, if you are looking at ways to clear the hair test for cocaine if your hair is taken from the back of your head, then the only option is to shave of fyour head after waiting for three months from the last consumption date of cocaine. Then, let your hair grow back at its normal pace. After your hair grows back, only then can you go in for a test. This is a long and tedious process, but there is no workaround to this process, as you need to give that time to your hair for it to grow back naturally.

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