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  • January 19th, 2010

    When do you question your rights?

    When you’re questioning your rights about drug testing there are many websites to look at. Below is a list of Federal & State Organizations you can check into about laws, rules, and regulations. You will find laws for people seeking employment with these organizations as well as there drug testing policies themselves if seeking employment elsewhere in the U.S. Before you go thinking “I will just go fail and pull some kind of mumbo jumbo from one of these sites” think before you act. For a few dollars you can get the detox product that is right for you. Whether it is synthetic urine, detox drinks, shampoos, mouthwashes, and even pills. There are permanent and temporary products on the market. Most manufacturers offer 100% money back guarantee on there products. So if you happened to fail they offer your money back.

    When it comes to lawsuits there are no grounds for one when it comes to a failed drug test. I wouldn’t recommend pursuing one. They sound kind of silly of course unless ZaGryvni you have honestly never used a toxin a day in your life.

    1. NLRB – National Labor Relations Board

    2. Cornell Law – Links to State Laws

    3. EEOC – Equal Employment Opportunity

    4. State Employment Laws

    5. DOL – Department of Labor

    The organizations will give you a better understanding of drug testing regulations.

    How to pass
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