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  • August 31st, 2010


    A urine test is pretty common, but do you know the reasons why they do those tests at all? According to most companies policies’ it is illegal to use any kind of substances regardless of where you are – at the workplace or at home. Let’s talk about the legitimate reasons for testing according to the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations. Any employee can be tested for any illegal substance or alcohol at any time while at the workplace. Among the reasons for testing are:

    - A pre-employment test: this is a standard procedure that is done before you get into any field of work. Following up the second (or sometimes even first) interview, you will be asked to schedule a drug test.

    - Post-accident test: if you were involved in an accident at work, even though it is not clearly your fault, you still might be subjected to a drug test. Normally, these types of tests are conducted within eight hours.

    - Random test: there are different frequency of random testing for drug and alcohol, and usually they are conducted on completely unannounced basis. These types of test are impossible to predict and very hard to pass.

    - Reasonable suspicion: when a manager or supervisor notices any signs of unusual behavior, sings of intoxication, or anything of that sort, they may ask an employee to provide a sample. Normally, they don’t do it right after you come back from vacation, or if there were some rumors spread – only from direct observation.

    -  Return to duty/ Follow up: When an employee returns from a suspension due to a positive drug test, you are required to provide another, clean sample.

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