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  • January 25th, 2010

    Would you smell urine all day?

    Yuk! This makes me want to gag. I was just following up on Federal Guideline for SAMSHA and the urine testing laboratories are performing. Can you believe they are going to make it mandatory for Lab technicians to smell a urine specimen?

    This is unbelievable to even try and figure out. Why in the heck would anyone want to stick his or her nose into a cup that has pee in it? I don’t care how bad the so called “recession” we are in is. But then again there is a percentage of the country out there looking for a job aye?

    Well I wouldn’t do it even if I was unemployed and my unemployment ran out on me. There are some serious chemicals and biohazard stuff in urine. There is stuff like Uric Acid, which can kill you over time if your body does not secrete it. The other chemicals are as follows: nitrogen, chloride, sodium, potassium, creatine, ammonia, etc.  There are so many chemicals in the urine.

    So would you get a job smelling urine at a lab? I would think twice before I stuck my nose in a cup of pee.

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