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  • September 5th, 2013

    Your Day In Court

    Court judge

    If you are applying for a job and you fail to pass a drug test then you don’t get the job. It is that simple. If you have to pass a drug test for court and you fail it is not that simple. It can have devastating ramifications. You can lose custody of your children or grandchildren. You can have your probation revoked. You can pay hefty fines. There is no upside to failing a court ordered drug test.
    You will need to prepare yourself adequately for any type of drug test that the court requires you to take. Whether it is a hair test, a urine test, blood test or saliva test, there are ways to get your body clean enough to pass any test.
    The Premium Detox Seven Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program can remove any drug metabolites, even THC, in as little as seven days and usually no more than twenty days. This program will clean your blood, urine or saliva and allow you to pass your test with no worries with clean system.
    If you do not have that much time you can pass a urine test with some detox pills and a strong detox drink that will clean your urine.
    A lot of times the courts will require a hair test because toxins can not be flushed out of the hair follicles like they are flushed out of the urinary tract.  Make sure you are prepared for what the judge tells you to do!


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