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  • November 9th, 2010

    Cheating On A Drug Test

    Methods of Cheating on a drug test

    Passing a drug test is not an easy task as you have to cross all the parameters concerned related to drug testing. Reasons are given to justify the need of drug test. There are ways pass a drug test and you should be able to convince the examiners. How to pass a home drug test will always have complicated views. Major things that should be taken into account are the type of equipment or the device used at home to carry out drug testing. Market is full of products that have tall claims. Products like hair shampoo which provide cleansing properties and other detoxification methods are becoming very popular.

    There are times when you see things yourself and then you reach conclusions. Replacing a sample in case of urine test is very common and it can be clubbed as cheating the sample for urine drug testing. You can take an example of flushing which is not exactly cheating but the method is home based and gives desired results to some extent . A very common saying is that you can only cheat when you have the knowledge in fact cheating requires more research than just passing the test.

    There are days when you have felt that there is some way out to beat or cheat these drug testing methods. As far as urine tests are concerned cheating is somewhat possible unlike these swabs tests. Swab test are instant and they give results very accurately. The limitations attached to the swab test make it a less popular among drug testing. The filtration method of urine is a very easy method but it does not work all type of metabolites. Some metabolites which are soluble in water will definitely show positive results.

    Many researches have been done to make things possible in the field of drug testing. You should be able to experiment once you know the basics of testing. Detailed study of things like reaction of system for a particular drug for example cocaine and marijuana has different effects on the system. The process that is followed after the tests are not restricted you can check things again and again. Multiple tests for a particular type of drug testing will minimize the chances of tampering. You should avoid cheating when multiple testing is done for a single drug .

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