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  • February 16th, 2011

    Does Synthetic Urine Work To Pass A Drug Test

    Does synthetic urine work to pass a drug test, how?

    Urine drug testing comes with several advantages.

    1. It is safe and provides reliable and accurate result.

    2. Result gets within next hour with appropriate diagnosis.

    3. Urine testing cost is low so any company can afford it.

    All the employers are glad about quick turn out time. With so many drug testing lab, convenience is most important factor and urine testing fulfils this aspect as well. Note please that many urine testing equipments have ability to check the sample for dilution and show presence of masking agents.

    Urine drug testing procedure is really quick. At first you may need to submit some documents and forms and then urinate in the sample cup. Most often, privacy is maintain in restroom but there are some situation when supervision will be provided.

    So what to do when you suddenly have to pass a urine drug dest and you’re not ready? Of course you can use some urine cleaners but if the situation is too hard to fix with just detox drinks and pills then there is one simple solution: synthetic urine. Instead of cleaning your own urine by using different drug detox methods you can buy a bottle of ready-to-use synthetic urine, that are carefully prepared and premixed. It looks and smells like a natural one and what is more important – it can’t be detected as fake during drug testing procedure.

    Even though urine testing is the most frequently used drug screening type, many people find out the way to beat these test. And using fake urine it’s most secure method to do it. There are some cases have be disclosed where people buying clean urine with their associates and making it as their own sample. However, there is so much risk involve in this method- you can’t be sure that bought sample is also cleĞ°n, aren’t you? Instead of that use of synthetic urine is quite simple one. Does synthetic urine work to pass a drug test? Yes, Synthetic urine have great success ratio and it work every time. We’re so sure in it that we’ll provide 500% money-back guarantee for every customer.

    Synthetic urine was created when drug testing laboratories begin to check masking agents so until new types od drugs masking agents were developed the only way to pass a urine drug test was replacement your own sample with fake one. It comes in powder or in liquid form, mostly liquid for now. If you have a powder complex you simply need to add warm water in the container with urine powder. Ensure that you achieve proper temperature and your urine sample is ready. Temperature is measuring unit for freshness. With certain body temperature and appropriate chemical balance you can convince synthetic urine sample as your own sample. If you’re using liquid one you should use a special heating element that comes along with the fake urine bottle to warm it. Notice that standart heating element works for 15 hours so you have plenty of time to provide a “fresh” sample for urine drug testing.

    Although, there are some other product as well for marijuana drug test clearing your system. However, they may take additional time for complete removal of marijuana traces. So, if you are looking for best and cost effective solution to pass drug test, then option of synthetic urine will be best for you.

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