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  • September 3rd, 2013

    The Back Up Plan

    Everyone has always told you that you have to have a back up plan. This is a vital ingredient to success, especially when it comes to drug testing. You have been through this a hundred times before. You know what to do to pass a drug test. You have to stop smoking pot or doing whatever at least forty eight hours before you are to give your sample and then take the same detox drink or detox pills that you used before and no THC or other drug metabolite will show up in your test results. It is simple, right?
    Well, every once in a while life throws you a curveball and you need to be prepared. That is the back up plan. You come back from vacation and your boss tells you need to take a urine test tomorrow. Everyone else was tested last week and you need to go the lab and drop a sample tomorrow. No problem, right? No problem other than the joint that you smoked last night.
    No problem. The back up plan is the synthetic urine that you purchased a while back for just such a scenario will provide a clean sample free of THC and you will go on your merry way just like before.
    Another scenario is your boss says they are no longer conducting urine drug test because they have become too expensive so now they are switching to saliva testing because it is cheaper and can be conducted right on the premises. No problem! You have some detoxifying mouthwash on hand and will be ready to give a clean saliva sample when called upon.
    Everyone needs a back up plan so be prepared for any contingencies that may arrive and be prepared!

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