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  • December 24th, 2010

    Ways To Keep Urine Warm For Drug Test

    Ways to keep urine warm for drug test at lab

    Of cause you can simply diluted it with boiling water but you should be very careful with it – a diluted sample hahe every chance not to pass a drug test. So it’s better to use a special Warm Pads that can keep your sample warm for a 15 hours!

    Are you looking for ways to keep urine warm for drug test at lab? You do know that now they ask for various samples for the test right? They call for hair based drug test protocol, or samples of the saliva, dental plaque, nails and even DNA. If you are caught under the influence of drugs you will have to address ways to clear and pass drug test to escape. In many situations, taking the drug test is inevitable. There is nothing you can do as the corporate world and that of sport are very stringent in their rules and processes.

    Ways to keep urine warm for drug test at lab help to adopt synthetic urine samples and even that of someone else to help in a tricky situation with no time for detox on hand. It is up to you to clear even hair based drug test protocol with the help of special shampoos and serums to prove your love for life and not drugs. The methods you adopt to beat the drug test get rid of the toxins at a faster rate. You have to adopt the quick fix procedures to pass drug test if required. Different types of drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, weeds of different kinds, etc. are taken only to get intoxicated which in the end ruin life. While taking the drug test you should be careful because if you haven’t detoxified yourself, you are definitely going to be caught.

    If you want to pass a drug test, mask your sample. In the case of urine, you could do the trick with some warm water, and if a hair sample is asked try providing the hair sample of another person. Washing the hair with special shampoos and serums helps in getting rid of the toxins from the root. Take a look at the myriad of detox options available online. Detox according to the substance abused and set protocol. You should address detox according to the time on hand before the test and the amount of substance abused. Detox will also vary according to the substance abused. Toxins in the body will have to leave for the lab report to come clear. It is not at all difficult provided you make a wholehearted effort and do not delay the effort.

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