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  • October 29th, 2013

    When You Least Expect It, Expect It!

    Back in grade school there were two types of tests, regular exams and pop quizzes. In today’s workplace there are also tests that you must pass. Drug tests. There are a few types of work related drug tests: the standard pre-employment testing, the random drug test or a drug test given after a work related accident.

    Passing a standard pre employment drug test is relatively easy. The tests administered are usually urine tests. Abstaining from any substance that you do not want detected on the drug test for at least forty eight hours beforehand and using a combination of a detox drink and detox pill will help you pass a drug test. You should also use a home test strip to verify the results and deliver your clean sample within about three to five hours after achieving the desired clean result.
    If your pre employment drug test happens to be a saliva test then there is an easy way to pass a saliva test also. Just like the urine test, you must abstain from any unwanted substances for at least forty eight hours and then use a detox mouthwash a few minutes before you are to provide a saliva sample and you will easily pass your test.

    If you are caught by surprise and do not have the luxury of abstaining for forty eight hours before you are to provide a urine sample then you can use synthetic urine to pass a drug test. This is a sure fire way to pass but you must be sure that you will not be watched when using synthetic urine or the consequences of getting caught could be severe.

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