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  • March 21st, 2011

    What’s In My Hair?! Part 11 Wheat Amino Acids

    An amino acid is a molecule that contains at the very least the following four elements: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. These acids are extremely important to your daily life, their functions are vital to your metabolism. And they also serve as the building blocks for the proteins in your body. There are many different amino acids that can come together to form chains that make up many different proteins. Because of their importance amino acids are very commonly studied and used by nutritional experts, and scientists in the food industry, and those who study food technology. In industry, the study of amino acids comes back to the production of biodegradable plastics, and other things.

    Our normal diet requires amino acids, but not all of them can be ingested, or even created within our bodies. Some can be applied topically. Amino acids, like wheat amino acid that is derived from plants is of lower value to your body than those that can be derived from things like eggs and milk. But that does not detract from their overall importance to your system. Simply because you require less of one does not mean it is not important.

    For your hair however, wheat amino acids can be very helpful. Like many of the other ingredients already found in the Detox Shampoo, wheat amino acids raise the ability of your natural hair to retain moisture, which in turn also helps to impart shine and gloss to already damaged or dull hair. Because of the molecular weight of this ingredient (which is very low) it can rather easily penetrate into the hair shaft and bind itself onto the hair’s inner fibers. Making it’s inclusion in this product essential for the ability to get into the hair follicle and really cling on.

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