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  • February 16th, 2011

    Hemp Drug Test

    Info on hemp drug test.

    Problems with hempseed proteins are that they don’t mix particularly well with other foods. If people are looking for raw hemp seed recipes to eat well in emergency circumstances, think of hemp seeds as a side dish rather than a main course. Marijuana is main derived subject from hemp seeds. And this even casual use of it can give you false positive drug test. People fail to understand difference in between whey protein and derived one from hemp seed. If special hemp drug test is conducted then your result might goes negative. However, employer conducted drug screening for marijuana, hemp seeds created obstacles in between. There are great chances of getting false positive drug test. And by the way, hemp seed oil is not preferred choice for high protein source.

    The hempseed manufacturing shells and washes hempseeds to take away any trace of THC. And the protein in raw hemp protein is strangely alike to the proteins the human body uses to make resistant defense cells. Though no scientific back up that the egesting protein in raw hemp essentially passes through the lining of the gut and goes to the bone marrow to make white blood cells, it at slightest provides the amino acids in about the same quantity as the amino acids on the surface of white blood cells. Hence It is strongly suggested that avoid use of any hemp products prior to your drug testing.

    Though hemp is raw formation of marijuana, body takes longer time on its conversion. Also, it is not able to produce metabolites so that they get reflect in result. Still if you are worried about your drug test result, there are many ways to pass your drug test. Start drinking water immediately. Water speeds ups metabolic conversion rate. It also greatly effect on rapid flushing. Nevertheless, avoiding any sort of drug contamination is best remedy on passing drug test. Though once someone starts taking marijuana one cannot expect or control the degree to which he or she will continue to use the drug. The major ways of taking marijuana are sniffing or snorting, inserting and smoking. It should be mandatory to pass drug test to trace the effects of marijuana on body. pass a drug test is quite easy now with tremendous availability of detox products.

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