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  • April 14th, 2010

    A question

    It is common knowledge that different toxins stay in body for different periods of time. It depends on frequency of use, body weight and body type. To make things easier, there are tables of detection times for different drugs. Sometimes, it takes longer to get rid of toxins, and sometimes toxins leave body within days.

    - Hi, I have a question: how long does THC stay in your body?
    - It depends on the situation…
    - I’ve been a daily user for years, I’ve been clean only for 8 days, but I have very high metabolism and practically no fat at all.
    - Ok, the fact that you smoked on daily basis will categorize it as a high toxin level.
    - Yeah, that’s what I thought. I got your Premium Detox kit, and I am just about to finish it, but the thing is – I tested myself yesterday and I came up clean. I wasn’t too sure that the test worked good, so I got another one and tested myself today, and it gave me two solids lines again!
    - Oh good! If you get two solid lines, you are good to go!
    - But I smoked on daily basis, and it has only been a week; do you really think I should trust these home tests? What if they gonna test it in a lab?
    - Home tests are pretty accurate, and if you passed on two different ones, you are definitely good! Even if it is a lab test, they do a preliminary test first that is identical to a home test, so if you are passing at home you will pass the official one also, and there is not going to be any reasons for them to test you any further.
    - I see. Thank you very much! I guess my body is on a fast track. But I’ll finish the remaining capsules anyway.

    People differ, so don’t be surprised if your detoxification is complete before you thought it would be. Leaner bodies tend to have faster metabolism rate, and toxins are gone in shorter period of time.

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