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  • April 8th, 2010

    Why isnt it gone?

    We received a phone call from a customer frustrated with the fact that he and his wife were both using marijuana. They both used the same amount and stopped at the same time. He called because he wanted a direct answer.

    MB Detox, How can I help you?”

    “Hi, my wife and I were both smoking marijuana on a daily basis. We would come home from work and light a joint. We smoked the same amount. About a month ago we got a call that we will both need to be taking a urine test and we have 45 days to take the test. It’s been 33 days and my wife is testing clean but I’m not. Why is this happening?”

    “Well Sir it all depends on your body weight and your metabolism. Do you weigh more then you wife?”

    “Yes, she weighs 150lbs and I weigh about 250lbs.”

    “See there’s a 100lbs difference between the two of you. That might be a main factor in this situation because THC is stored in your fat cells.”

    “That makes sense. So how do I clean myself out? I have about 11 days.”

    Premium detox 7-day kit was recommended for one cycle. The toxin level in his body should have been low enough for one box to work.

    The detection time period is different for everyone. One person can get clean in a couple days depending on the drug of choice, while others may take a week or 2 to clean out. It all depends on your body. Sometimes people call us and ask us: “If I used about a week ago, how long will it stay in my system?” We can never give the customer a correct answer because we can not guarantee how long toxins can stay in the system. Remember it all depends on your body weight, usage history and your metabolism.

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