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  • December 15th, 2009

    Blood test – all there is to know

    Blood tests are not very common method of testing for drugs – many blood tests specifically focus on diagnosing an illness or identifying a disease.

    In some situations, including accidents and employment testing, blood tests may be used. Life insurance testing includes blood screening, as well as urine, – in a blood sample they can detect a disease in a person who may show no symptoms of it. These screening tests give everything there is to know about a person’s health and health history, including eating habits, consumption of medicine or illegal substances, etc. Insurance companies look for any subtle reason why a person would cost them money in the future.

    Blood tests are a much better measure of recent impairment than urine tests – they detect the actual presence of THC in the system; however, they can be sensitive to other metabolites as well. Blood tests generally register positive after just a few hours after smoking marijuana.

    Blood tests are rarely used because it is one of the most expensive methods of testing, and also considered to be the most intrusive. However, it is also the most accurate, since there is no way for a person to alter the sample – you cannot dilute your blood or add any adulterants, can’t cover up the toxins, etc.

    From the viewpoint of collection, blood specimens are easier to obtain – if a urine specimen cannot be acquired, the lab can easily take a blood specimen. Besides, for the users who want to avoid positive results the latter is more desirable. In fact, an individual undergoing a blood drug test can use the detoxifying products (detox pills), which have been proven to be sufficient enough in achieving successful test results.

    Positive result on a test may be obtained by second-hand smoking – presence in a closed room with people who smoke marijuana; consumption on non-psychoactive substances such as hemp-seed bars; consumption of milk from cattle grazing on wild cannabis, etc.

    Regard this matter as a serious issue and make sure to prepare for a blood test properly.

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