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  • October 22nd, 2009

    Passing a blood test. The right way.

    How to pass a drug test? This is one of the most commonly asked questions nowadays. However, the most important detail missing in this question is – what type of test?
    A young man turned to a friend for advice who had just passed his pre-employment testing and had successfully passed. Following the advice, the young man stayed clean for a couple days before the test and used a Detox Drink before he went to a lab. Once he got to the testing place, he was informed that he needed to give a blood sample also. Being a little surprised he did not lose his confidence since his friend assured him of the guaranteed success with the product that has been already “tested.” Little did he know that a drink would work only on his urine! Both urine and blood testing is required for most insurance purposes. His urine test result came back negative, but his blood work – positive, since simply abstaining is not enough to get the blood cleansed.
    The most trusted product to cleanse the blood is Premium Detox 7-day Cleansing Program (recommended to be taken together with Master Tea), – quick and proven method to pass any kind of test – blood, urine and/ or saliva.

    How to pass
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