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  • October 24th, 2009

    Can you pass a urine test with a Detox drink using cocaine until 5 hours before your test?

    My sister, who lost her job due to the economy, became depressed and started using cocaine. She had recently been looking for a job and actually found one that was going to hire her. One problem: she could not stop using cocaine. She’s a pretty thin girl, weighs about 120lbs, but is a rather heavy user. We discovered a detox drink called Zydot. We purchased it and had her drink it on the test day of her test 2 hours before, just like the directions said. She followed all the instructions and went on to take her test. When the test results came back failing we were curious as to why and asked her how long she had been clean for. Her response was: “I used it 5 hours before my test.” Ughh!! What a waste, knowing that everywhere we read about this detox drink it said to be clean at least 24-48 hours. She had lost another job opportunity. A couple weeks later, she had another interview with a different company. We bought the same drink and made sure she stayed clean for 2 days. She followed the directions on the bottle and guess what?? She passed. We were so happy. She’s finally getting her life back on track!

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