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  • January 18th, 2011

    Canada’s new drug impairment testing is a video game

    The “Factor viagra super active 1000” was introduced back in 1992 for truck drivers and to viagra cheap see if they were ok to work everyday. Since Canada does not have specific laws like the US does with truck drivers they would use this “Video Game” to make sure the employee was fit to work that day.

    Now it is being introduced as a DUI/DWI machine to see if someone may be buy research paper impaired at the time of an arrest or conviction of any kind. This is kid of odd to me but it makes sense. Considering Officers in the US give Field Sobriety Tests, Breathalyzers, and even transport to hospital for blood work.

    This machine may save psychology essay taxpayers millions if there was one specific test to determine if someone was under the influence or not. The closest thing we have to this is the Field Sobriety Test which is performed by 1 or more officers. They test for things like your balance on one foot, counting skills, saying your alphabet backwards (which I can’t even do on my most sober day) and a few others like walking a straight-line heel to toe, following a penlight.

    Now this can all be simplified by putting someone in front of a video game to see if they can remotely center a cursor in the middle of the screen. It checks for accuracy, reactions time, and of course if you’re a repeat offender they will compare scores to other times you were subject to this test.

    Amazing isn’t it? There is no real way around this unless you are a functional drug addict or drinker. Sometimes the dumbest things seem to work out best.

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