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  • January 17th, 2011

    Makes sure your Hygiene is up to par

    According to manufacturers and the scientists backing up the products hygiene may have an effect on your test results.

    Logically it makes sense. However, to some people it does not.

    If you are not taking care of yourself you may be in for a tougher ride then you thought when it comes to detoxing your system of any and all toxins.

    When it comes to hair follicle tests you are term papers online required to wash your hair the day of your test with your own shampoo and then follow the directions according to the manufacturer. Keep in mind the manufacturer will not disclose that hygiene needs to be kept up with because it is common law that people take showers or bathe on a regular basis.

    When you do not wash your hair on a regular basis (not meaning every day) and exceed days at a time then you may allow the oils and chemicals your body produces to mend the toxin you are worried about to your hair on your head and under arm. This can become difficult when it comes to removing toxins from the hair follicle.

    Bathing your body is important too. If you shower less then 2 to 3 times a week (some people do this) then your pores are clogging up with dirt and oil. This in turn will not allow your body to secrete through sweat or other means. Also when it comes to not bathing the body then urine samples can become tainted in a way by not keeping yourself clean (mostly in women but cases have shown in men too)

    Now last but not least the mouth and your teeth. Not only will you knock someone out with your breath but not brushing your teeth or flossing you may be holding excess toxins in your mouth for no reason. All of this could have been prevented if you would have just been brushing your teeth all along or at least killing some germs by using mouth wash.

    Take head the next time you want to use a detox product. Make sure your body is going to allow you to make it a smooth transition.

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