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  • October 26th, 2012

    Choosing a right product – part 2

    It is never easy to pass a drug testing for people who cannot stop using before the test, or when the drug tests themselves come unexpected. Random drug testing is really a pain in the neck, but if you want to keep the job – you have to figure out a way to pass them, and how to find the right detox product to assist you with that.

    -         Ok, so synthetic urine is the best way to pass a random drug test, since it has everything that human urine has, except for the toxins, of course! And all I have to do it keep it warm? How do I do that?

    -         Each kit comes with a warmer pad – about an hour before the test, activate the warmer pad by simply taking it out from the pouch and attach it to the bottle. It will take approximately an hour for the urine to gain standard human temperature.

    -         O, that is perfect, because they give me about an hour to get ready for the test. Now another question I have for you – how about those things you can add to your own urine? I saw a couple of those on the web, and it says 500% money-back guarantee – are those better? They are kind of more pricier, too…

    -         Pre-mixed urine is a better option since the bottle is sealed and the liquid of free from any contaminants. Powdered additives can be tricky as they are supposed to eliminate the toxins that are in the urine at that moment, or in some instances they mess up the sample quality so that the test does not recognize the liquid as urine at all. If you really want to pass a drug test, it is better to go with a trusted brand that has been getting constant good reviews.

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