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  • March 3rd, 2010

    Detox Slushies

    How would you clean your body? There are many opinions, but not all of them are true. I got a call from a very upset gentleman. He claimed that he used tens of different products and nothing worked for him. He was very upset and frustrated.
    - What products did you use to clean your body?
    - I got whole bunch of different drinks and all, and I have been taking them every day for ten days now, and when I test myself – I still come up positive! Now, I can’t drink them to begin with, so I have to freeze them I make slushies out of them, but I already spent a fortune and have zero results!
    - Did you eat a drink right before your test?
    - No, I don’t have any tests just yet; I just want to get clean!
    - But you cannot get clean by just consuming detox drinks. You need to get permanent detox, like complete cleansing program, so you can purify your whole body – your blood, not only urine. Detox drink lasts only for several hours and flushes only your urine. Actually, I’m not even sure that they would work at all in a form of a slushie…
    - Why the drinks don’t work?
    - Drinks do work, but not in the way you need them to – to get clean completely you need something specifically designed for it.

    When buying a product, make sure you know what you are trying to achieve with it and that it is the product that you need. Only daily use of specifically designed dietary supplements, full of vitamins, herbal supplements and minerals, like Premium Detox 7-day Cleansing Program, or Vale’s Perma Clean, – will help you completely purify your body.

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