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  • August 15th, 2011

    Dude, I’ve Got Heavy Metals In My Body! Aluminum (Part 5)

    Aluminum toxicity can be the cause of many ailments but almost never a suspect. High levels of aluminum in your system can lead to many health problems ranging from brain degeneration to bone deformities. Aluminum is found in our food, water, soil and even the utensils we use to eat and drink. The central nervous system is the most vulnerable when it comes to aluminum toxicity. Symptoms from aluminum poisoning to the nervous system range from sleeplessness, memory loss, headaches, nervousness, emotional problems and impaired intellect. Aluminum can affect your body’s ability to digest and process calcium, phosphorous and fluoride inhibiting bone growth and bone density. Aluminum can actually purge calcium out of the bones resulting in bone brittleness and bone deformities. Another result of high levels of aluminum in your system can be muscle aches, speech problems, digestive problems, kidney problems, anemia, liver problems and colic. You may be exposing yourself to high levels of aluminum without even knowing it. One of the largest sources of aluminum can come from over the counter medicines such as buffered aspirin. People with arthritis can take buffered aspirin and may ingest up to 700 milligrams of aluminum each day. This can be defeating the purpose of the medication by adding to the brittleness of the bones and actually contributing to arthritic pain. Diarrhea and hemorrhoid medicine can also contain aluminum while a typical dose of antacids contain as much as 200 milligrams of aluminum. When acidic foods like tomatoes or citrus fruits are stored in aluminum foil the aluminum can be transferred into the food. As much as 4 milligrams of aluminum can be transferred to each serving of acidic food. Also food cooked in aluminum pots and pans can have the same effects. There are salts containing aluminum that are used as food additives in the United States. These salts are used in cake and pancake mixes, frozen dough, self rising flour and processed cheese. Just one slice of individually wrapped processed cheese can have up to 50 milligrams of aluminum in it. Some times pickles can be treated in an aluminum solution. Aluminum build up in your body tends to congregate in the brain and when the detoxification process begins a person may become confused and disoriented because it is affecting the nerve endings. Also flu like symptoms with fever, mucous and chills will accompany the aluminum detoxification process. Any mucous must be spit out otherwise the aluminum will be absorbed right back into the body. An indication of aluminum toxicity of the brain can be a heightened sensitivity to light or darkness, abnormal sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, an aversion to noise, touch, movement and odors, feelings of apprehension, inferiority, shame, irritability, embarrassment, or annoyance. To avoid getting too much aluminum into your system you should cut down on things like antacids, antiperspirants, immunizations, prenatal nutrition and dialysis treatments. These are things that have a high amount of aluminum in them but are mostly necessary so intake of aluminum may not be totally avoidable.

    (To Be Continued)

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