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  • November 9th, 2010

    Toxic Heavy Metals And Mineral Check Test Hair

    Toxic Heavy Metals and Mineral Check Test Hair.

    Hair Test is the most accurate of all the drug tests. It can also trace drug consumption history for greater durations than any other test. It is also more difficult to cheat on than other tests – the exception being the saliva drug test. You can beat the urine drug test by drinking drug test cranberry juice, but to pass drug test you need to adopt more scientific and sophisticated techniques.

    The toxic heavy metals and mineral check test hair uses the hair tissue to analyze for the presence of toxic heavy metal contaminants and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The body consists of 29 essential elements and possibly 8 heavy metals. The hair analysis will reveal which element and heavy metal is out of balance. And as this analysis can trace the smallest amounts of trace elements and contaminants, the results and suggestions for improvements based on these results are fairly accurate. Opinion in the medical world is divided over the role of toxicity and deficiency in producing disorders. One thing is sure – toxicity and deficiencies do aggravate and complicate existing disorders. An analysis of these elements is therefore essential in leading a healthy life. What complicates matters is the fact that the balance is essential – individual composition is not that important. For e.g. accumulation of lead levels will be more detrimental only when there is little iron and calcium to balance it. Mineral deficiency tests are the first step in knowing the mineral imbalances and toxic mineral levels in your body. Knowing these will help you avoid sickness, fatigue and the complication and aggravation of existing disorders. The test also examines toxic metal levels in relation to the protective elements and provides a list of possibilities of abnormal conditions that can arise because of this.

    Toxic heavy elements are present in the environment and are therefore present in all the biological systems. From an ideal point of view their concentrations have to be as low as possible. After the analysis, suggestions regarding dietary supplements are made to restore the chemical balance of the body. A proper balance of these elements also enhances the ability of the body to absorb and effectively utilize the nutrients consumed leading to improved and increased energy production and improved health.

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