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  • July 28th, 2011

    Dude, I Got Heavy Metals In My Body! (Part 1)

    Whoa, Dude! Gnarly! Radical! Heavy Metals, Righteous Dude!  Bang Your Head!

    Well, you can bang your head all you want but those heavy metals won’t come out through your ears.  The only way to rid your body of these harmful toxins is to purge them through use of a dietary supplement like Daily Clean or System Fresh.

    First of all, what exactly are heavy metals and how do they get into our bodies?  Heavy metals are elements that are found in nature and our bodies require some of them to function properly.  Metals such as zinc and copper are required for our immune system and for the growth of new blood vessels but high levels of these two metals can be detrimental to our health.

    Heavy metals can be found in the air that we breathe, the ground that we walk on and even the water that we drink.  They are present in building materials, fuel, processed foods, medicines and even the personal care and cosmetic products that we use.  When we get too much of any of the heavy metals in our bodies, it can affect both our physical and mental health.

    High levels of some of these heavy metals can lead to diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis and some cancers.  Some symptoms of high levels of heavy metals in your system are: depression, fatigue, sore joints, digestive problems, blood sugar irregularities, infertility, premature births, miscarriages, hypertension and cancer.

    (To Be Continued)

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