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  • September 4th, 2013

    Education and Drug Testing

    Due to more reports of drug abuse in schools, many local governments and even the federal government have instituted mandatory drug testing to be performed on mainly middle and high school students. There are a lot of pros and cons in doing drug tests on students while on school premises. Recently, it has been a popular topic of discussion debated among the students, their parents and their teachers. Some people, especially the students, disagree on random drug tests because they see it as an invasion of privacy. The main purpose of drug testing in schools is to catch the students, who have been exposed to drug use, and to prevent them from using or practicing the use of any illegal drugs and ruining their life ahead. Immediate prevention must be implemented because once a student or a teenager starts to use drugs; it will be harder to break their drug addiction. Peer pressure is one of the considered factors contributing to a large number of students who are testing positive in drugs. They are sometimes forced to try drugs just to be accepted by their classmates. A method of testing for drugs in school can be to screen first the students who have the greatest influence on students, like the athletes, cheerleaders and student council leaders. If they can be they can be convinced to refrain from using drugs, then there is greater chance for other students to abstain from drug use as well.
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