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  • January 2nd, 2011

    False Positives are more common then you think.

    Wondering why you have a positive drug test?

    Haven’t taken anything illegal? Well here are some possible explanations.

    Over the years pharmaceutical companies have reformed some medications so there would not be a false positive in a urinalysis. For example Motrin/Ibuprofen over the counter or prescribed has been causing a false positive for THC/Marijuana for edit my essay online essaysbuy some time now until the manufacturers figured out a way to stop it.

    When it comes to script meds do not be alarmed.

    Laboratories who perform urine tests are required to have you fill a form out that will ask what prescribed and non make-essay prescribed medications you have taken or still do take. This is to easily brush of any possible positive readings.

    Now the Poppy seed theory has been a bust for a few years now. You would have to ingest 1 lb or more of poppy seeds to have an inkling of a chance that it will show up in a test for opiates. Also consider a Poppy seed bagel has 1 table spoon or less of seeds and a muffin or bread has about 1 to 1 and a half tablespoons throughout the muffin or loaf. How many table spoons are in a pound? The answer is 32. There are 32 table spoons in a pound. That means you would have to eat 32 poppy seed bagels to maybe get a false positive.

    When in doubt try a detox product. Typically in a situation like this a detox drink will ease your troubled mind. Just follow the directions or order from a site where they will give you a full set of directions from the manufacturer.

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