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  • November 17th, 2010

    Drug Testing False Positives

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    Yes, it is fear in every one’s mind that, what if they get false positive report for drug testing? It is very tense situation if you are under some medical treatment and same time you need to give drug testing. There are some drugs which are banned by SAMHSA but unknowingly one takes those medicines. There are some other substances as well which are giving drug testing false positives. One very common example of false positive result is use of poppy seeds just before drug testing. It definitely gives false positive result. As poppy seed consist of morphine which is easy to detect in drug screening very well. However, getting false positive result also depends on quality of laboratory or if you are using home based test kits, then superiority of that kit gives lots of affect on false positive result.

    Basically it is important to taken into account what false positive result means is? If the test result comes positive for another compound then it is called as false positive result. It is pure case of faulty identification. To avoid getting caught in such situation, make sure that lab where you are going for drug screening follows FDA regulations. Though number of false positive result is not too large and it is not a regularly occurring circumstance, one need to take care for it. Here is the list of some products which are generating false positive result. If you are looking forward for beating a state drug test, it is necessary to keep updated knowledge regarding different substances which can cause false positive result. Nevertheless, it is easy to distinguish in between false positive result and real positive result with the help of analytical methods like GC/ MS.

    To be sure on drug testing, you can check out what is set level decided by SAMHSA in NIDA screening. As if drug percentage level is below standard level of detection, then any drug testing method will not get succeed to detect drug presence. It is advisable to avoid food with poppy seed as well. Even if you had drugs before your screening, be sure that you are not exceeding the threshold value.

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