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  • June 2nd, 2010

    How much sweat?

    There is always something extra you can find about almost anything; there is no limit to all information that is out there. Every once in a while it’s not very important, and doesn’t really matters if you know it or not, but sometimes it is crucial to know everything.

    - Good afternoon. I bought the Premium Detox Program, and I just want to make sure I’m doing everything that I’m supposed to.
    - Ok, are you taking 8 capsules everyday? Keeping yourself well-hydrated?
    - Yes, I do, I follow the instructions, doing exactly what it says.
    - All right, so just test yourself once you’re done.
    - I will… I already got the testers. I do have a question for you, though; it says that I need to exercise daily. What kind of exercise are we talking about?
    - Any basic workout, anything that makes you sweat – you need to be releasing toxins from the fat cells in your body, so the Program cleanses you better.
    - I see, but I can’t really exercise, I go to sauna – is that the same? I mean… I sweat a lot more in there.
    - Yes, but that is a different kind of sweat – this is something that your body produces as a reaction to the heat. When you exercise, you sweat because you body burns calories. Very little THC is excreted through the sweat alone, but more through urine and feces. By exercising you boost your metabolism rate and the toxins leave your fat-cells faster, and the Program cleanses them out.
    - Oh, I see, so I should stop going to the sauna and start on my work-outs, right?
    - You not necessarily need to stop song to the sauna, but you definitely need to add daily work-outs to your routine.
    - Ok, I see. Thanks a lot!

    Understanding how a product works and what exactly is needed from you in addition to taking capsules, can be a crucial moment when you’re trying to get clean within a short period of time.

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