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  • February 19th, 2010

    How negative should I be?

    We always suggest to our customer to check themselves with home-tests before going for an official test. The question that arises sometimes is: faint “test” line – does it mean positive or negative? Normally, a faint line is considered a “weak negative” which means that a person is very close to the cut-off level of the test. If drug metabolites are below the cut-off level of the test – you get a solid “test” line.

    - I tested negative at home, and they told me it was negative at their test, too, but they said they had to send it out for further analysis. Why is that? Am I going to fail? They are going to do a GC/MS on it.
    - Of a sample tested negative on the initial drug test, that same sample will also test negative on the GC/MS. Normally, it would be a waste of time and money to send it for further analysis when it is already tested negative. If a sample was diluted and they could not draw any conclusions on it, then yes – further analysis will be needed.
    - Well, I tested myself at home, and I got a pretty solid line, and I went for it right away, so you think I should be ok?
    - GC/MS would only confirm negative results on the sample.

    If you pass a home test, you are very likely to pass an official test too.

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