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  • March 4th, 2010

    I should have known

    Your hair is a dead element; the toxins are in there permanently. It is impossible to clean the hair with any detox drinks or capsules on the day of the test. Your hair absorbs all the toxins from your blood. The only way the pass a hair test is to use a hair cleansing shampoo on the test day. If you do not want to use a shampoo the other way would be to clean your blood and let your hair grow. With the 7 Day product, depending on how heavy of a user you are, it can take up to 2-3 weeks to clean out your body. After your body is clean, you can shave your head and expect it to grow about an inch per month. For a hair test the lab requires at least an inch and a half of hair to test.

    Once we had a customer who knew he had to take a hair test and had about 2 and half months before his test. He did not want to use a shampoo on the test day, so we explained to him the other way to pass his test: cleaning body, shaving head and letting it grow. He insisted that his hair grows really fast and will grow way more then 1.5 inches in 2.5 months.

    Recently he called us back:

    “Hey, so I took my hair test. I took the kit for 10 days, shaved my head and let it grow back. It grew over 2 inches in that period of time. I was so happy and sure I was going to pass the test. I knew the head on my hair was clean. Well, when I got there, guess what? They took the hair from my under arm. Now why would they take the hair from my under arm? If I had known they would do this, then I would have shaved my whole body and let the hair grow back. I’m very upset that they did this. I argued with them enough and they are letting me re-test. Which shampoo do you recommend I use?”

    We recommended 3 Zydot shampoos because the packages are pretty small. Told him he can use it anywhere on his body but his genital area. He bought the detox shampoo. Retook the test, this time they took the hair from his leg and he passed.

    Drug tests can be very tricky, so make sure you take all measures and are covered

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