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  • January 4th, 2010

    Just an online store

    We are an online store who works with different manufactures. We picked the products that we feel work the best from each manufacturer and put them on our website to satisfy our customer’s demand. Sometimes customers think we are the manufacturer or a part of a completely different store chain and when we tell them that we are our own store they think we are deceiving to them.

    Some customers call and think we owe them something because they purchased a product that’s not even ours.

    Not to long ago, I had a woman call me:

    MB Detox, How can I help you?”

    “Hi, do you have any store locations or can you tell me where I can buy your products?”

    “I’m sorry but we are an online store only, we are not the manufacture and we do not have any store locations.”

    “Yea, but I’m sure you know where I can find these products.”

    “Again, I’m sorry but we do not have that information. We are not affiliated with ANY stores. Sorry. ”

    A couple days later the same woman calls back:

    MB Detox, How can I help you?”

    “I bought your product but I don’t know how to use it.”

    “Well, all of our products come with complete directions.”

    “This is the phone number on the bottle of this drink that I bought, so you need to tell me how to use your product.”

    She kept screaming at me.

    “Ma’am we are just an online store, we are not the manufacturer, and we do not have that exact product, so I really do not want to give you any misleading information.”

    “Then why is your number on the back of the bottle? And when I type in the name of the product, your website comes up?”

    She probably thought if she Googled this product she would reach the manufacturer, but what she did not know is that when you search for this product it gives you a list of stores that carry it.

    “So you didn’t get the number from the bottle? You got the number from the website and assumed we are the manufacturer?”

    She kept saying our number was on the bottle, but we know for a fact it is not. I kept telling her the same thing over and over again.

    Finally she said:

    “Okay, can you just please tell me how to use this product?”

    I gave her general information on the product, but could not be too specific since we do not have this product. I also have her the number to the actual manufacturer of the product she had purchased.

    These kind of things happen on a daily basis and customer sometimes just do not want to realize that we are simply an online store.

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