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  • June 3rd, 2010

    Niacin is not such a good idea.

    Many people hear through the grapevine of taking Niacin when a drug test is coming because the Urban Myth says that it will help you pass a drug test. Well little do most people know Niacin is only a B3 vitamin with a ton of health risks that lie behind taking it.

    Niacin is a vitamin/drug that should be closely supervised by a doctor when administered through a prescription.

    By overloading your body you could potentially cause serious long-term health problems even resulting to death. Studies have been done over years of the side effects of Niacin both short term and long term.

    Results showed short term that Niacin causes rashes, bruising of the skin, blood pressure issues, appetite problems, dehydration, body temperature issue (low or high) and so many more complaints about high dosage.

    While the long term effects are more devastating like tremors, blood pressure problems, skin disorders, dementia, and motor skills. There have been numerous other complaints however they were not documented.

    Not every detox product has Niacin in it. The products that are sold in the market do not have high enough levels if used in moderation. Remember these tests and studies were based on people who took high doses or multiple tablets a day in order to so call “flush” there system out of toxins.

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