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  • May 26th, 2010

    Not the sharpest tooth in the mouth

    Saliva tests do not mix well with mouthwash. Since most mouthwashes contain alcohol it is not a good idea to use it before saliva test or you will test positive. I had spoken to a customer recently who had this happen to him. He used a mouthwash before he went into the lab. He said he brushed his teeth in parking lot, flossed so there were no food particles in test, and rinsed with a well known name brand mouthwash for a fresh breath and hopes alcohol would kill any toxins from the previous weekends use of drugs.

    He realized he was not thinking before using a mouthwash with alcohol in it. It was easily explained and the lab dismissed it. However they found toxins of specific drugs tested in the labs. The gentleman explained he was a clean man and did not abuse drugs. The lab begged to differ with him and explained the levels found were extremely high. He did not understand until the Manager in the office explained that he brushed so hard and flossed before coming in blood was present in his mouth.

    The test detected the levels in the blood that was in his saliva. He basically bowed his head in shame and walked out of the lab that he was tested at.

    Needless to say the guy looked online and found our website. He gave us a call we had a few laughs about it and now he decided to buy a few bottles of our Stinger Mouthwash for future tests.

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