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  • November 19th, 2009

    My Crazy Friend

    Ok, so I have this funny weird random story that I would like to share with people.

    I have this friend; she’s awesome, a little crazy, but an awesome person. Anyways, the story:

    She’s on probation so she has to take a urine test every month. She’s a pretty heavy marijuana smoker and can’t pass the test with her own urine. She does not believe in using Detox products. One day she asked her younger sister for some clean piss. Since they watch her from the back and search her, she wanted to figure out a way to carry in the clean piss. You guys ever seen the Mini M&M containers? Well, what she did is fill up the container with her sister pee. She then took it and stuck it up her hooha, if you know what I mean!!! That’s insane right? How could she walk with it? She was planning on getting there, opening the cap and letting it flow out. Well, as great as this idea sounded to her, it failed. As she was walking out of the house, the cap had opened and of course she looked like she pissed herself. I wish I were there to see that site. It had to of looked funny!! She was lucky it happened before she had left instead of when she got there. She called me right away and told me. She was panicking because she didn’t know what to do. Since I work at this company I got her a bottle of synthetic urine. She used it a passed her test.

    I went over her house later on that day. We went over the story and both of us were cracking up for hours.

    Now she’s done trying crazy ways of passing and uses synthetic urine every time.

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