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  • March 11th, 2011

    Only The Best Ingredients – Cellulose Part 30

    Cellulose is an excellent source of fiber.  It is the most common organic compound on earth and is found in the cell walls of green plants and many forms of algae.  Cellulose is odorless and has no taste to it and is insoluble in water.  Cellulose is digestible by humans to a certain extent but for the most part it is considered roughage or dietary fiber.  Our Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program contains cellulose for this very reason.

    Fiber is important for the body for keeping weight under control, helping with constipation and in disease prevention.  Fiber absorbs a lot of water in the bowels thereby making stools softer and easier to pass through the body.  Increasing your fiber intake can lower your risk of developing certain conditions.  Fiber can have a positive effect on lowering your risk of heart disease heart disease by altering cholesterol and triglyceride levels and other elements in the blood that can lead to the development of heart disease.

    With the increase in fiber in the diet the passage of food through your system is accelerated thereby preventing harmful substances found in some foods to affect the colon and may help protect against colon cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer.  Fiber in your diet can help regulate blood sugar levels helping people with diabetes or preventing the onset of diabetes.  Adding fiber to your diet may help with diverticulitis, a condition in which small pouches are developed in the wall of the colon which may become inflamed or infected causing pain, diarrhea, constipation and other bowel related problems.  Adding fiber to your diet regulates your digestion.

    Rapid digestion of food leads the body to release glucose, or sugar, into the bloodstream.  When your body releases large amounts of glucose into the bloodstream it also has to release large amounts of insulin to balance things out.  This can lead to gallstones or kidney stones as well as diabetes and higher cholesterol levels.  Including enough fiber in your diet can help you curb your appetite and help you with weight management.  Adding fiber to your diet is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    (To Be Continued)

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