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  • January 5th, 2011

    Only The Best Ingredients – Reishii Mushrooms Part 18

    There’s fungus among us!  That’s right, our Premium Detox 7 Day Comprehensive Cleansing Program contains mushrooms.  More specifically, the Reishii Mushroom, also known as the “mushroom of immortality” and the “medicine of kings”.  It was dubbed “the medicine of kings” because in nature it is only found on plum trees and almost impossible to find even in this manner so it was nearly priceless.  Hence, it was mainly reserved for only royalty in China and Japan.

    The Reishii Mushroom is one of the most medicinally beneficial mushrooms found in nature.  It has the ability to boost the immune system, fight heart disease and cancer, calm the nerves and relieve allergies and inflammation.  Because of its ability to enhance the immune system the Reishii mushroom has been used to treat people with AIDS, Epstein-Barr syndrome, chronic bronchitis, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases.  It also can be used to lower cholesterol, improve blood circulation, help people sleep, improve liver function, and as a diuretic and laxative.  This particular mushroom has the ability to boost the body’s immune system so it can be very helpful in the prevention and treatment of cancer because it enables the T-cells to fight the cancer cells more vigorously.  It builds up bone marrow where white blood cells are made.

    There is a substance in the Reishii Mushroom called glucan which actually binds itself to the tumor cells thus helping the body get rid of them more easily.  The Reishii Mushroom contains another substance called canthaxanthin which actually slows down the growth of the tumors.  The Reishii Mushroom also contains substances called sterols, ganoderic acids, coumarin, mannitol and polysaccarides.  These are most beneficial for treating cardiovascular disease and heart disease and strokes.  The ganoderic acids that are found in the Reishii Mushrooms are the most important of these substances because they are thought to lower blood pressure, lower triglyceride levels, remove excess cholesterol from the blood, reduce platelet stickiness and correct heart arrhythmia.

    There is also something in the Reishii Mushroom called lanostan that behaves like a natural antihistamine so it is helpful for someone with allergies.  Some studies have found that the Reishii Mushroom can help with muscle aches and arthritis.  It also has been found useful in improving memory and concentration as well as relieving anxiety and insomnia.

    Of the six different types of Reishii Mushrooms (red, black, blue, white, yellow and purple) the red Reishii is considered the most potent.  Potency is one thing, taste is another.  Because the Reishii Mushroom doesn’t have a very pleasant taste (ninety percent of the actual mushroom is indigestible fiber) it is usually ground up to make a tea or used in soups.  Its extract is also made into a capsule form for easier ingestion.  It is recommended to take Reishii Mushrooms with some source of Vitamin C because this will help the body absorb the active ingredients in the Reishii Mushroom and reduce any possible side effects.  Also it is advisable to drink more water when taking Reishii Mushrooms as this will help the body get rid of more of the poisonous waste that are absorbed by the Reishii Mushrooms.

    (To Be Continued)

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