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  • February 15th, 2010

    Peroxide for Hair Test?

    For some reason, hair drug test scares people more than any other drug test, and there is a rumor that it is impossible to pass. It is possible, you just have to be smart about it.

    This customer had her test coming up within a couple days, and just like anybody else, she was very nervous. We recommended a detox shampoo – a tested and proven way to beat the test, but she wanted more. Somebody told her that she needs to bleach her hair with pure hydrogen peroxide before the test. She did not care if it would damage the hair and it took us a great effort to convince her that it won’t improve the test results at all.

    - I don’t want just to mask the toxins, I want to remove everything from my hair for good!
    - You cannot clean hair for good – the toxins are inside of the hair strands, in the cortex, and anything that you can apply to the hair will only affect the outer layer. Hydrogen peroxide will bleach the color out but will not remove the toxins. The shampoo will interact with toxins and hide them so you can actually pass the test without damaging it in any way.

    The customer insisted on getting it bleached but got the shampoo anyway. About a week later she called back to get another shampoo – her test was rescheduled because, as she put it, she was “too ashamed to go out with her hair being yellow.” Later on she went to a salon and let the professionals handle the color issue, and once the hair looked decent enough for her to go out, she took her hair test and passed it successfully.

    There are no home remedies that one can use to pass a hair test – bleach, hydrogen peroxide, etc. will only damage the hair and make it harder for a lab to test the sample.

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