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  • June 4th, 2010

    Side effects?

    When getting a prescription medication, you are always told about possible side effects. But what about dietary supplements? Is the any risk taking detox products? Not really, as long as you use them as directed: too much of anything can make you sick. Every product comes with complete directions; some products warn that if you have any liver of kidney disorders, you need to check with your doctor before taking any specific product. Make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients: read what’s on the bottle before you consume it.
    Once a customer was concerned with the effects of detox product in a long run:

    - I have a somewhat weird question, if I may. Somebody I know is having repeating drug tests – he has to take one every three weeks. He’s been using detox pills and so far he didn’t have any problems with that.
    - Ok, so he’s passing his tests fine, right?
    - Yes, but the thing is – I’m starting to worry that his body will get used to that product. If he takes it too often, can it become addictive?
    - No, detox product do not cause any type of addiction, everything that’s inside is all natural – just vitamins and herbal elements, it is not any type of medication of any sort. If he takes them every week, let alone every three weeks, it will not have any effects on his health.
    - All right, but will it decrease his tolerance for the substance he’s using? Will he be smoking more in comparison to if he didn’t use this product?
    - No, ma’am, detox products do not interfere with the effects from using any kind of substance. All it does – just flush the toxins from the urine, so a person can produce a clean sample for a test, nothing more. It does not interfere with body functioning in any way.
    - Ok, thank you. I was just worried…

    Detox products are comprised of all natural elements, they do not cause dependence or any health complications. Although, created for a single use (quick flush), there is no harm in taking a product several times.

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