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  • February 9th, 2011

    What’s In My Hair?! Part 4 Avocado Oil

    Avocado Oil is used in cosmetics most often in hair care because of its great benefits to hair. Avocado Oil is an additive taken from the pulp of the avocado. The uses of Avocado Oil range from helping the hair avoid thinning and falling out, to treating dandruff. The nutrients found in Avocado Oil help especially dry hair, and are essential nutrients to encourage hair growth. The oil also nourishes the hair follicles as well as the scalp to help prevent dryness, essentially acting as a protective agent to lock in moisture.

    Because the actual Avocado fruit is so rich in vitamins and minerals to begin with, the effects on the hair and scalp are tremendous. The aroma of Avocado Oil is very much like artichokes and celery, a nutty earthy scent. It is often found in your foods because of the nutritional value it holds for your body. The large number of vitamins and minerals within the oil makes it a healthy alternative to many different cooking oils out there.

    As for hair and skin, Avocado Oil is said to be a help with many other things like reducing the look of age spots, and healing scars whilst also moisturizing the outer layers of the skin. The sterolins – or plant steroids – found in the Avocado Oil are what help to give it its superior ability to moisturize skin and hair.

    Because this oil has purely esthetic uses (meaning it is for the look and feel of the hair more than anything else) its purpose in the Zydot shampoo is only to make the hair healthy after being treated with chemicals. To help nourish the hair and stop it from suffering any side effects from the chemical treatment.

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