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  • August 20th, 2010

    Back to the hair subject

    Before I had mentioned about hair testing and the average time it takes for hair to grow, how long it has to be and how the toxins evolve in the hair. I have recently done some more research and found more solid information and that different spots on your head grow faster then others and this is why labs take from specific spots on the scalp.

    So when it comes to the head the crown region has been shown to grow the fastest and that is where labs typically take the hair from. It usually grows on average ½ inch per month which explains the need for 1 and ½ inches to be collected so they can test for the normal 90 day period.

    Now they have been testing other body hair as well. So for future references when you purchase a Detox Shampoo be sure to get enough for your body as well. Now the products we sell each package contains enough shampoo to cover 5 inches in length. If you have hair to your ears you could be safe with using one package. I caution you though to consult and measure before the purchase.

    Back to basics with hair growth. Under arm hair, chest hair, and scalp hair all have the same growth time of about ½ inch a month. Leg and Arm hair typically grow faster due to the hair being thinner and more exposed to the elements. Laboratories have been testing these spots for some time now.

    Additional testing sites are facial hair, which seems to grow fast but does not. Facial hair grows about 0.8 cm a month. However take caution labs are testing this hair too.

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