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  • January 8th, 2011

    Wondering what percussions are of defrauding a drug test? You will be amazed.

    As I recently started reading up on laws that customers have come to me with about being legally punished for defrauding a urine test.

    My conclusion to this is there are maybe a handful or two of states that have actual laws and punishments regarding defrauding urine tests. Most of them are misdemeanors that are punishable by book report typer fines and possibilities of jail time.

    I have yet to find a case or law that punishes someone severely for defrauding a urine test. I am not sure why they do this but it is how these individual handle these matters.

    I blame other drug testing options as to why it is so easy to defraud a urine test.

    However this makes the drug testing procedure more stressful for those who do not need to have there hair, blood, or saliva tested.

    Believe it or not there are plenty of people out there that object to have other tests done. This is the reason why there are increase of other tests being performed and more and more people are backing out of having tests done or trying to beat them.

    So if there is no solid law on defrauding a drug test then why do they test for adulterants? No one really has an answer for that either but they do. I can say that there are a boatload of products out there that cannot be detected if tested for by using and adulterated test. So rest assured when you do test and try to cover up your mistakes these products will work.

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