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  • September 22nd, 2010

    Beating a state drug test

    Beating a state drug test is not easy. Are you looking at ways by which you can beat a state drug test? Read on to know more on this.

    To begin with, please be extra careful of the fact that the very notion of attempting to pass a drug test is considered to be illegal in many states, and this gesture might call in for strict legal action. Also, please know that water intoxication is not a good thing to happen during your drug test. Drinking too much of water to detoxify your system is a bad diea, the consequences of which are major. Having said that, the best way to deal with a drug test is to not do drugs at all. If you are already into drugs, a sensible approach would be to control your intake, if you knwo that an important test is coming up soon. The drug test is extremely accurate, and can detect metabolites in quantities greater than 50ng/ml.

    To begin with, you need to udenrstand that going through a drug test is a compulsory feature among many organizations, under the federal rules and regualtions. You can be randomly asked to appear for a drug test. On the other hand, some service sectors, such as the military, require that you appear for the drug test and clear it on a compulsory basis. A common approach to clear a drug test is by diluting your system, or detoxifying your system. If you work towards diluting your system in the right way, then you might be able to pass the drug test. However, please keep in mind that too much of dilution would invite you to appear for the test ocne again. So, it is recommended that you consume water in moderate quantities, and do not overdo the consumption of water. In case of a urien test for drugs, the test woudl show positive results, if you are having a very high concentration of metabolites in your sample. When you do marijuana, traces of THC, which constitues of this metabolites, are stored in the fat cells of your body. Therefore, exercising is another way by which you can get rid of the extra fat, and clear the drug test. However, exercising the right way matters. You might work towards lowering the THC concentration of your body by taking vitamins, so that a surplus of natural and non water content is maintained appropriately in your system. Getting a creatine supplement also helps. Creatine is found in such food as poultry, fish, pork, and beef. You would then be creating a surplus in order to mask a deficit. However, be careful of extra surplus, as that is not a good thing for your test. Before you give your urine sampel for test, ensure that you have urinated for once also. During the drug test, try giving a mid-stream sample.

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