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  • October 7th, 2010

    Best Your Urine Drug Test

    Best your urine drug test

    The best way to come out clear of a drug test is by not doing drugs at all. However, if you are already into drugs, and are appearing for a test, then you need to be extra careful about the fact that your drug test should not be positive. As a part of their hiring process, a lot of employees would like to ensure that none of their employees should be doing drugs. It is a part of a lot of company’s policy to test their employees before recruiting them. There are some common strategies which you could employ to help speed up the detoxification system, and cleanse your urine of any toxic elements, so that the chances of you pasisng the drug test are higher and better.

    You need to give as much time as possible between the last tiem that you sued drug, and the time when you need to go in for your urine test. The fat of your body are found generally in the fat deposits of your body. Fats are those chemical compounds which are non soluble. As a result, they take a considerable amount of time to break down, and might end up showing in your urine test. Therefore, you are advised to go in for rigorous physical exercises in roder to get the fatty solutions dissolved from your body. Different kinds of drugs would leave traces which span over different periods of time in your system. As an example, marijuana would generally leave its trace in your system for two weeks, on an average. A user who uses marijuana daily woudl show traces of it for upto a month’s time. Before going in for the urine test, it is recommended that you urinate at least five to ten times, if possible. Ensure that when you go in for the urine test, your sample is not the first time that you are urinating for that day. The next option is to dilute your urine before you go in for the urine test. Start drinking water properly, ensuring that you do not overdo it. ALso, consider drinking Gatorade approximately two to three hours prior to your test. ANother option would be to take Vitamin B supplements around two hours prior to your test. This vitamin B helps in giving a deep yellow color to your urine, so that your urine sample does not get rejected by the lab due to a very weak color, which might be the casue of over dilution.

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