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  • October 13th, 2010

    Can You Pass A Drug Test By Drinking Water

    Can you pass a drug test by drinking water

    Drugs are probably one of the most dangerous addictions that one can fall prey to. Not only because of the health and social problems that it creates, but also because it is extremely hard to let go. The stories of the people who are addicted and their struggles are ample testimony to this. Most of the addicts have to keep doing the rounds of the rehab centers and continued days of probation. During this period they have to undergo several drug tests at various intervals and it is natural for them to be tensed and anxious about it. They all on the lookout for some technique or the other that would help them in beating the drug test, and fortunately for them there are such techniques.

    But to understand these methods one needs to have a good idea about the duration that different drugs stay in the body. Some of these exits from the system in a day or two while there are others that take more than 3-4 days. People who can’t get rid of it easily opt for the passing techniques. One of the most popular one is drinking lots of water. This method is not a sure shot way to pass the test but nevertheless it has shown results but certain things have to be kept in mind by the tested.

    Drinking a lot of water prior to a drug testing is called purging. The basic idea is to drink at least a gallon of water so that the kidneys begin emptying the excess water from the body. As a result the person starts urinating so frequently that no substance passes through in amounts that could be detectable in the test. However this also leads to the urine becoming white or colorless, this could arise suspicion in the mind of the tester resulting in a second test which this time could be of different kind like hair or any other sample.

    To be on the safer side some people also advice to take a tablet of vitamin B which darkens the color of the urine and thus dilutes the chances of any suspicion. Taking some creatine also works and they are easily available at any general store. However, abstaining from the product is the best way to beating drug testing and your problems.

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