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  • December 24th, 2010

    Cocaine Drug Test Tricks

    Read to know some cocaine drug test tricks

    Cocaine is so widely sued drug that it itself defines drugs. The picture of a white crystalline powder sniffed up by someone what you think of when you think about drug is actually how cocaine appears. The use of the drug has trapped the whole world including the youth and also adults. Consuming drugs is not just harmful for the person taking shots abut also for those who are connected with him or her. Keeping this is mind the global committee for world heath has started conducting drug test in many places especially for cocaine. If you are also addicted to this white evil then you should be ready with cocaine drug test tricks to save yourself from the harmful consequences of failing a drug test.

    Cocaine is mostly detected by the urine of the person because the whole concept of cocaine working on the system is connected to the urine system. When a person consumes cocaine it gets stuck in the fat cells of the body. When these particular cells are burnt the articles are suspended and move randomly in the body system like the dust particles in air. When the person urinates the suspended drug particles are excreted from the body and so, urine is considered to be the best specimen to detect drugs. Besides these properties, a urine drug test is also safe, non invasive and also can give faster results for many drugs with the help of a single sample.

    You can use the same above concept to save yourself from a urine drug test. Burn your fat cells faster than they normally do and then drink excess of water to urinate more than normal. Both the ideas are not just good to pass a urine drug test but good for health. The same trick can also be used for other drugs of you know their window period like marijuana time stays in body drug test or meth time stays in body drug test. Knowing the window period will help you to take the right action at the right time.

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