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  • February 16th, 2011

    Cost Of A Drug Test

    what is the cost of a drug test?

    This article will give you clear idea about cost of a drug test and the various ranges of drug testing kits available in the market. Drug testing is quite expensive business. Standard cost of a drug test is neat about $42 for each person tested and drug test 100lb girl. It does not include other hidden cost like traveling allowance, confidentiality charge etc. There is additional cost for hiring a person to admin the over all drug testing scenario and ensuring overall privacy of the test. It will lowering down the amount of getting false positive drug test result and possibly reduce the threat of passive drug exposure. Drug testing laboratories need to confirm cross identification with the use of medically prescribed drugs. It includes medicines like codeine which fall false positive and some other substances like poppy seeds.

    There are some other ways to check cost of drug testing. Drug testing is very rarely using in private sectors. Catching positive person is quite difficult. If you estimate that charge of finding single positive user may go up to $ 20,000.And as after screening near about 10,000 person, percentage of getting positive result is around 05% only. Hence compulsory drug testing are little ineffective in the means of uncovering drug consumption. On the other hand many states cancel the random drug testing procedure due to its impractical nature and unjustifiable. New York State decided that program for random drug test is not feasible one form cost point of view.

    Urine analysis is most convenient

    For example, New York and Maryland each considered a program to randomly drug test those receiving welfare, but abandoned the plan as not cost-effective, given that urinalysis is almost exclusively a barometer of marijuana use and that welfare recipients are required to undergo regular supervision, allowing for effective monitoring absent the cost and intrusion of mandatory drug testing.

    Louisiana passed a law in 1997 requiring drug testing for welfare recipients. However, a task force set up to implement the law found more limited drug testing of individuals identified by a questionnaire to be more cost-effective than mandatory drug testing.

    Alabama decided against drug testing because it found that focusing on job training programs was a more effective method of moving individuals off of welfare.

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