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  • November 17th, 2010

    Dot 5 Panel Drug Test

    Read for dot 5 panel drug test and effective use of the same.

    Multi panel drug screening is most common thing now. It was mandatory rule for the department of Transportation (More commonly known with the short form DOT). Multi panel drug screening is mostly used to check presence of any illegal substances in the person’s body. Though it is completely depend on what sort of drug testing is carried out. There are about 10 panel drug testing. All the drug screenings are regulated by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration). Almost every company follows dot 5 panel drug test. This particular drug screening is either carried out under administrative authority or outside the company premise. It is advisable to have proper guidance while conducting dot 5 panel drug test.

    With 5 panel drug testing, you can detect 5 different drug presences. It includes drugs like methamphetamines/amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, PCP and opiates. This kind of drug testing is very common now at workplace. 5 panel drug screening are mostly tested against urine, saliva or in very rare cases with the blood samples. Panel drug testing is very simple to carry out and any one can perform it at home as well. Panel testing includes test strips with lids or cup so that it will not be more difficult to collect the samples. Some panel drug testing has facility to detect alcohol and drug detoxification as well. Where as you can not check it with normal home base test kits.

    Most of the companies prefer 5 panel drugs testing in pre employment or probation period. Sometimes it also used in random drug testing or on the spot drug screening. It is fact that company required for better work productivity and security assurance. If any mishap happens at work premise, 5 panel drug testing is one very essential method to detect whether person is under influence of drugs or not. By considering an enforced of 5 panel drug testing, there are some more in detailed panel testing kits available as well. If you check it out on the internet you will get info. Up to 15-15 panel drug testing panels as well. To pass a drug test effectively it is important aspect for one to get to know about what is DOT panel testing and how it is works.

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